Mike Cohen

Mike Cohen

Mike Cohen is the Founder of Wayne Technologies, a Sourcing-on-Demand and Recruitment Training Organization. Wayne Technologies On-Demand Sourcing is a revolutionary approach that provides the most actionable data available, is based on deliverables - not time, and is based on access to more recruitment tooling than any organization worldwide.

Throughout his career he’s learned several things that he’s committed to paying forward:

  1. We can’t make it on our own - we need community
  2. There is no “secret sauce” - we should all be sharing our skills, tips, tricks, etc. 
  3. Data is extremely important
  4. Being a good human is more important than data

He has worked with a diverse group of clients including Uber, Whole Foods, The New York Times, Waste Management, GIPHY, Relativity Space, Wyman Gordon, Walter P. Moore, Redis Labs, and more. 

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