5 Ways To Win Over A Hiring Manager

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Jun 17, 2020

Convincing hiring managers that you’re the right recruiter for them is certainly easier said than done. Fortunately, there are plenty of sourcing “tricks” you can use to help them see your talents and abilities. There’s a lot of sourcing tools that you can use to wow your hiring manager and maybe you haven’t thought about using these tools in that way. The first step when you get a new job order is scheduling a time to talk with the hiring manager over an intake meeting. Below are different ways to come prepare for that initial meeting. Here’s a look at the top six tricks you can do:

  1. Come prepared to talk about data and talent mapping

You need to make it clear to any hiring manager you meet that you know what the local competition is up to. That means you should come prepared to every meeting with all the data you need to guide your talking points related to the competition’s plans. There’s a lot of expensive tools that you can use. But if you are like me and don’t have an extra budget for these tools I recommend using LinkedIn Recruiter insights. You can easily pull a list of information about competitor companies, college/universities, and general data on the local market for your advantage. First talk about your competition and discuss your strategy for sourcing based on this talent mapping data.

  1. Discuss diversity tools and ideas to attract more talent

Diversity has never been more pertinent when it comes to hiring, so bringing up your ability to bring in a diverse range of candidates will certainly go far in getting you the job as a company’s recruiter. Make a point to talk about all the methods you’re capable of using, including certain Diversity Boolean Strings help you find the right people. I’ve included a list of strings from my personal blog.

  1. Talk about social media

Social media is a super effective tool in the world of recruiting, but you have to get the Hiring Manager and their team involved. When convincing a Hiring Manager of the importance of social media, you can share past examples, bring up statistics, and talk about case studies for any HM that isn’t yet convinced of its power. Then, you can get them to buy-in. Get the hiring manager to share posts on LinkedIn and get the whole team involved.

Encouraging a Hiring Manager to broadcast any job openings on social media is truly valuable advice that will make locating the right candidates easier. Also, asking them to conduct an interview about the team’s project and share that to social media as a Q&A will do wonders for informing and enticing candidates to apply.

  1. Rewrite your job descriptions

One of the first things a recruiter should look at when working to fill a position with a company is the job description. So, you should bring up to the hiring manager your intentions to revise any existing job descriptions, and why you plan to do so. Showing them the end product and explaining what you changed will also go far in convincing them of your skills.

You should focus on revising job descriptions in a way that makes them for inclusive for diverse candidates and also better targeted at the ideal applicant. Textio and are both great tools for helping you write better job descriptions. Since recruiters are 13% less likely to click on a woman’s profile in the world of tech, inclusive job descriptions are a must for attracting diverse applicants.

  1. Use a referral drive and build a sourcing jam meeting

From referral drives to a sourcing jam meeting, there are many other tactics you should consider in your quest to continuously source the best, most diverse range of candidates. From here on, as you start sourcing, your goal should be to get a specific number of onsites for each month. If you stick to it, you’ll definitely be able to impress and fill some roles quickly!

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