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May 22, 2018
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

A second job moonlighting in addition to one’s regular employment or for those old enough to remember the comedy-drama television show starring Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd or Moonlight, an American paranormal romantic, both from the mid-80s.

How many prospective leads moonlight as a consultant in their field of expertise or take on roles as a salesperson of a particular product say Plexus or Tupperware or maybe they have a passion for being a realtor but not on a full-time basis? I have been moonlighting as a resume writer/career counselor for eight years and love being able to use my knowledge in the recruiting industry, such as sourcing and resume writing, to help candidates in the quest for the next logical step of their career. Not to mention that I love candidates who moonlight as the probability of finding an email or phone number for them is increased such as realtors who have their information more public.

Take, for example, a candidate of mine who is an expert a particular software product I was researching on and after taking an extra minute to review her LinkedIn profile found out she moonlights as a realtor. What makes that a bonus? There is a high probability she has a public phone number and email (which she did in this case).

I created a simple Boolean search to see if I could find the candidate I was looking for – and it proved successful with an email and phone number.

Say you are looking for CPA’s and maybe they are a realtor in the evenings? You can do a simple Boolean search to X-ray into LinkedIn using CPA realtor

How about finding people who are moonlighting as a (fill in the blank)? Using the Boolean string “moonlighting as a” brought up 1500+ potential finds. I spotted someone moonlighting as a unicorn (that is interesting) or an administrative assistant moonlighting as a dance and fitness instructor and I discovered a systems engineer moonlighting as a CTO for a startup CTO for aerospace engineering.

Another Boolean string for resumes with “moonlighting as a “(intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) “moonlighting as a” -sample -jobs –template      

This search string only yielded a handful of results but some possibilities.

Try this string without the term resume and add a wildcard (*) “moonlighting as a *” ( OR -examples -celebrity. I encountered personal sites and even an organization with useful information for people who moonlight.

I used (moonlight OR moonlighted OR moonlights OR moonlighting) “as a CPA,” and yielded over 13,000 results.

How about moonlighting jobs and moonlighting opportunities?

Need some leads for companies that need helping hiring candidates? Try typing “what are some “moonlight jobs” into Google’s search engine. One of the results led me to which gave me some alternative titles a candidate may use on LinkedIn or in search of resumes.

Candidates, who take on additional work while working a full-time job can do so for many reasons such as supplementing their income or wanting to utilize their skills and talents while having that sense of accomplishment and allowing them to be free agents. Tapping into these talent pools can open the door to more finding candidates for roles you need to fill.

This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.
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