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Aug 19, 2019

As you will find, there are mental and philosophical benefits when we support our colleagues to be their best. Do you remember when a colleague was acknowledged for something great? What was the feeling that you had inside right at that moment? Were you feeling happiness? How about jealousy? Were you frustrated?

How about when you’ve done something exceptional? How do you typically feel? It’s hard to be excited for people around you that achieve success, especially when you’re working just as hard. There are times as a staffing professional when you think to yourself: Why is everybody else having success? Why am I not experiencing that same level of success? It’s human nature to question these things.

Let’s take a step back and think for a minute about how good you would feel if you were just as happy for the people around you experiencing their success. You may not understand why, but there are numerous benefits to celebrating the success of your colleagues. By proclaiming your colleague’s victory creates a sense of optimism within yourself instead of a feeling of uncertainty.

Being happy for your colleagues comes down to one thing: your attitude. And, the great thing about that is that your attitude it’s one of the three things that you can control in life — your ATTITUDE, your WORK ETHIC, and the CHOICES that you make.

A growth mindset. When you decide to praise your colleagues for their success, you’re creating a positive mindset within yourself that takes your attitude from, “Well, why can’t I have that?” to “If they can do it, I can do it too. I need to make the most of my opportunity when I get it.” Let’s be real, in our industry, it’s competitive, but it doesn’t need to be destructive to both you and to your colleagues, right?

That definite form of thinking is to stop thinking with a fixed mindset and start thinking with a growth mindset.  You no longer believe that things happen because that’s just the way that they are. Instead, you begin to think that positive change can occur in life as long as you work towards achieving it. Can I get a ROCK-ON?

When you celebrate the success of others as if it is your own, it will lead to having a greater appreciation for what you have in life and put you in an optimistic mindset. An optimistic mindset isn’t just crucial to being a successful individual; it’s also essential to living a happy life, both mentally and physically. Not to mention the individuals you surround yourself with who would also benefit.

Listen, it’s completely understandable that you would think it would be a little silly to be always the office cheerleader for the those you work with. Yes, I believe you can be competitive and supportive at the same time. It’s not that hard. It just has to be genuine and authentic. However, understand and know that there’s a fine line between being competitive and being a corrupt colleague. Some, even though it kills me to write this, but the truth is the truth, some may want to see their colleagues fail instead of celebrating their success. That’s why you should celebrate your teammates’ success: It creates a positive team culture, and it will influence others to do the same! Celebrating your team’s success is what creates a bond between you and the colleague next to you. It’s what being a teammate is all about. If you can’t be positive about the people you work with, how can you expect your teammates to be positive when you experience your success?

We all should be celebrating our team success because it is one of the critical building blocks in the foundation of a winning and collaborative atmosphere. When you create a genuinely positive atmosphere out of excitement, you create a team that is enjoyable to play on. It can be hard to take the first step but dare to show your teammates that you love them and that you’re truly happy for all the positive things that happened to them. It shows maturity on your part; it will help you build a positive bond with your teammates. I will serve you for the rest of your life. It will make you more successful.

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