Contextual Search Engine Vurb Lands $8mm Round of Funding

Aug 14, 2014

Vurb, the contextual search engine we reported on back in May, has secured $8 million in funding from Redpoint Ventures. Redpoint outlined the potential they see in Vurb on their website

“Vurb’s enormous potential rests on a breakthrough technology that will make searching the Internet smarter, more consistent, and even seamless across desktop and mobile devices. Imagine being able to plan an evening out without having to jump in and out of apps or going back and forth to the search bar to make a restaurant reservation, find movie times, read reviews, and pick a place to meet for drinks afterward—all using the best of breed services or apps, but in one continuous search. You can even start your search on your desktop and finish it on your smartphone without losing anything.  After you’re done, you can share your collection with your friends or just save interesting places you found along the way for another time.”

For more information about Vurb, see this post on TechCrunch.