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Apr 24, 2017
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

When I first started writing about sourcing in healthcare, my goal was to write a total of three articles. Over the last few years, I’ve come to realize there is a lot more to say about this topic.

In fact, the healthcare industry has become very interested in sourcing, especially with recent pullbacks on reimbursements, higher operating costs, and an increasingly competitive market for talent. I’ve seen more and more “sourcing talk” in recruitment job postings, conferences, and questions on sourcing Facebook Groups. In fact, we discuss sourcing every day at MD Anderson, and I’ve had the opportunity to analyze and develop pipelines from deep sources, not just the usual Google dives.

Some Lesser Known Sites to Source Medical Candidates

Our market is shifting away from simply posting and praying on social media websites and job boards. We have to connect and inform candidates of a job they don’t know about, often with a long list of certifications, licenses, and preferences that are hard requirements. Out of state and national searches are becoming more typical as the talent pool tightens. I used to think engineers were hard to find, but with sourcing workshops and ideas from my team, we found some very unexpected avenues to identify prospects: Like Cross-Referencing and List Diving! Note, Connect6 is no longer live, but use can find other sites like Trustoria or Sydex.

I can’t express the value with putting these ideas down into written form, whether it’s an Excel Spreadsheet, Word Document, or an article for SourceCon. Like many of you, I am seeing healthcare’s voice strengthening in the sourcing community. Sourcing is moving into the mainstream of healthcare recruitment, and the buzz sessions and brainstorming going on among organizations have been refreshing. Helping our own is why healthcare and SourceCon are such great partners. Collaborating and sharing ideas can lead to alternative pathways for all at the table. In fact, it was a roundtable discussion that led us to some fascinating ways to find Doctors.

I started writing ideas down after my first SourceCon. The innovation that followed afterward can never be replaced. If you are a director, recruiter, sourcer, executive, owner, or just interested in learning more about recruitment and headhunting, read SourceCon and join the discussions. They will lead you to exceptional levels of understanding!

I never thought I’d be URL Sourcing or diving deep into listservs, but sourcing in healthcare helped “go experimental” in these realms.

What truly amazes me thought is the innovation I see in all of you. I was talking to Nels Hanson the other day, and he figured out to locate and surf a clinical trials database after just a few messages. It was a huge find for both of us and a prime example of the innovation of collaboration.

That’s what I’m talking about, and that’s how it starts. An idea, thought, a technique that nobody has “put down.” Whether it’s a blog post, an article, or comment on a Facebook post, record it. There’s no telling where it will take you or the others you share it with. It can be the beginning of a genuinely valuable and creative thought.

There’s more out there healthcare, and you don’t have to be a Boolean expert to find it.

Here’s condensed of sites and tools that have helped us in our healthcare efforts. There are much more, but this is a good “set list” for anyone wanting to dive deeper into sourcing healthcare. More tools can be found on the HR Sourcing Toolbox that I built for SourceCon 2017.

Happy hunting healthcare, and rock on!


Healthcare Set List

Boolean Builders/Site Searches





Extensions for Contact Information


Email Hunter 

Contact Out



Business/Professional Databases

The Ladders Passport



Alternative Directories



Non-Profit Organizations


Research, Science & Publications

Google Scholar


Research gate


Free Patents Online

Google Patents

This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.
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