Hiretual Ventures Into Candidate Engagement With Version 3.0 Launch

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Apr 24, 2018
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

Hiretual is a sourcing tool known to be a recruiter or sourcers “best friend.” Founding member Ninh Tran and co-founder Steven Jiang created it with us in mind. They will proudly tell you that “Hiretual was built by recruiters for recruiters.” Hiretual can search across over 30 platforms utilizing AI Sourcing, assists with building boolean search strings and finding candidate contact information.

Version 3.0 has just been released with some enhancements that add even more value to this already robust platform.

Having been a user of this tool since the first version, I noticed that there had been a significant number of new features implemented in efforts to continue making a recruiter’s life easier.

Highlights of New Features 


  1. Add a hiring manager – this feature allows hiring managers to be added to the projects created within Hiretual.
  2. Customizable workflow – all stages of the candidate process can be customized to the user’s preference and shared with the hiring team.
  3. Email Integration– Currently, email integration is available for Gmail and Outlook. Emails can also be sent on behalf of hiring managers within Hiretual.

Benefits: Sourcing progress can be shared with hiring teams; which can create a collaborative approach to the process. Lastly, customizable workflows enable up to date communication about the status of sourced candidates between the hiring manager and sourcer or recruiter.

AI Sourcing

  1. 24/7 – AI Sourcing feature enables continual searches across multiple platforms executed behind the scenes.
  2. Gets better over time – AI will continue to learn how to improve future searches based on the user’s feedback.
  3. Faster– Search results are yielded within seconds vs. the previous version which was approximately 30 minutes. A section on the dashboard shows the amount of time saved by utilizing the AI sourcing feature.

Benefits: While reviewing candidates, users have an option to select “good fit or “not a fit.” Based on user input; AI will use this data to improve its performance on search results yielded. Also, with continual searches in process 24/7, recruiters to and sourcers can be more productive during the sourcing process.


  1. Schedule emails – Users can schedule emails to be sent to candidates at specified dates and times. These emails are fully customizable and can be utilized to create templates for future use.
  2. Automatic followups – Hiretual allows for up to five follow up emails to be sent. Also, if a candidate responds before the fifth follow up is completed; the remaining emails will not be delivered.
  3. Nurture Campaigns – Nurture Tracks (Nurture Campaigns) can be created for emails being sent to a group of candidates. Also, personal tokens can be selected based on the preference of various candidate salutations. For example, first name only, or full name.

Benefits: Being able to engage candidates within the Hiretual platform can eliminate the need to work from multiple systems. Nurture emails can be categorized by these follow-up conditions, which can be preselected: email not opened, email opened but not replied, and email not replied.

Other features:


  • Recruiting managers can track the progress of their team’s projects, candidates and sourcing channels.

Talent Groups

  • Multiple candidates can be added to talent groups which can then be used to create nurture tracks.

Tutorial Videos

  • Hiretual tutorial videos are available for guidance on the new features. Most videos are only a few minutes in length.

Hiretual offers lite (free), premium, and pro versions for individuals and sourcing teams. Their most recent upgrade for free users came in February 2018 when we increased the number of free contact information requests by 800%. Now you can get contact information for up to ten people each week and see 30 profile insights.

I hope that everyone enjoys sourcing and hunting those purple squirrels while using the latest version!

This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.
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