How to Make Email Awesome in a World That Hates Email as Presented by @mparkerbyrd #DDSUM14

Dec 10, 2014

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetDoes your recruiting department or search firm send out a weekly or monthly newsletter to subscribers? If so, you probably track how many emails are opened and the click through rate for each campaign. Today, at Dallas Digital Summit, I attended a session called Making Email Work in a World That Hates Email. The session, led by Matt Byrd, outlined techniques that will allow email marketers to increase open and click through rates while providing a more engaging experience for readers.

Below are some of the highlights from the presentation.

Subscribers to your email newsletter expect three things.

1) Seamless, Cross-device experiences

2) Hyper relevant experiences

3) Engaging Experiences

Seamless, Cross-device experiences

  • 49% of email opens are mobile
  • 400% growth in 3 years

The most popular email client iOS mail on iPhone (28% of all opens) per

Know your audience: Every company has a different demographic… MapMyRun, which is a business to consumer application, has 70% of their readership using mobile devices. Litmus, which is business to consumer service, has only 15% of their emails opened on mobile.  

Marketers should use an “any inbox, any device” email marketing strategy which requires a responsive design. For those of you who don’t already know, responsive design responds to the type of screen it is being viewed on to allow all readers to have a positive experience regardless of the device they are using. Get 7 free responsive templates here.

Why is responsive design important?

  • 80% of subscribers delete emails that look bad on their phones
  • 31% of email marketers aren’t sending responsive emails

How to Look good on mobile devices.

  • There should be strong visual hierarchy
  • Marketers should “embrace the scroll.”  Scrolling is very intuitive for readers.
  • Emails should include big buttons with clear calls to action.

Why is responsive so important?

  • You’re meeting readers where they are.

Optimize the preview header text.

  • Pre-header text. This should be more clear. Preview text is pulled into the inbox automatically.
  • 75% of emails get displayed with preview text.
  • optimized preheater text improved Matt’s  click through rate by 30%

Subscribers are also expecting hyper relevant experiences

  • Personalization isn’t just throwing in a first name. Emails needs to be more personalized.
  • Consider your subscriber behavior as a trigger for emails (videos watched, tool usage, logged-in to a tool, attended event, downloaded something, etc.)
  • Your audience is always 1!! Your list may be large but each is an individual. Segment your marketing lists in a way that allows you to be as personalized as possible.

Subscribers expect engaging experiences. 

  • Animated gifs are engaging. Netflix recently sent a really creepy email with a GIF of Kevin Spacey. The online reaction to the email was very positive.
  • Push boundaries.

Email in the future….. 

  • Gmail recently introduced inbox app which puts more control into the hands of subscribers.
  • Wearables is a very important topic for email marketers to watch. We’re not sure how it’ll effect mobile but we assume this will be important in the future.
  • Technology will change

Good emails make people OPEN and CLICK. Great emails get people to think, feel, laugh, act.

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