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Jul 16, 2019

Humanpredictions is a sourcing, contact finding, and outreach tool with a twist. The twist is the extra information they provide that makes it very simple to do your outreach.

First, let’s talk about the extension. The extension allows you to see some of the information that Humanpredictions has on a given person. This information can include; a name, a job title, email, company information, social websites, and even some technical data, etc. Of course, you can also add sourced candidates to a Humanpredictions list from the extension as well. It works on most social sites and uses minimal resources.

Humanpredictions itself is quite robust. First, it is a sourcing tool used for technology-based candidates for now, but non-tech positions are coming. When you search in it, you can search on job titles, skillset, company, meetups, groups, specific technologies, location, both current and past and, and different social sites. The choices of social sites include;, Behance, Bintray, Chef Market, CocoalPods, Codepen, Crunchbase, Dribble, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Github, Kaggle, Linkedin, Meetup, NPM Nugget, Orcid, Oracle Ace, Pinterest, PuppetForge, Qa Stack Exchange, Quora, Reddit, Rubygems, Sharepoint, Speaker Deck, Stack Overflow, and Twitter. What is most interesting is a lot of them are not the ones you usually hear about, or that most tools search.

Now when you search you get a nice list of candidates, which has a lot of information. The list itself will show a picture, name, title, company, social profiles, and more. Of course, you can export the list and all the information.

Once you open the profile that is where the magic happens, within the profile, you get the name, title, company, location, and email. If they might be looking, they are going to be referred as “Hireable,” social sites, work history, skills, events they have had or attended, education, connections, bios, Github, Stack Overflow info, Meetup groups, Twitter, conferences they have been to or spoke at, books they wrote, tags, and more. There is so much information available that writing a personalized email will be easy. Heck, they will even help you write it all you have to do is click on the “need help writing a personalized email” link at the bottom, and they will reach out to you with tips on writing an email to the person including examples. You can also export the person complete profile.

If you have a team account, you will also see the activity that your teammates may have on the candidate.

I decided to search for Android Developers in Seattle and got 8,400 results. All of them had emails, and what was cool, a large number of them had no LinkedIn profile, which meant a large percentage of the results are either not on LinkedIn or their profiles are to bare to be connected. I decided to do another search for something I know is hard to find. DevOps and found out they have over 117,000 DevOps people and over 2,500 were in Seattle. That’s a lot compared to what most tools find.

If you are looking for tech talent, Humanprediction should be a leading contender for your sourcing needs.

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