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Oct 3, 2018

I hear this all too often from too many people in our industry that are a full desk, half desk, executive recruiter, etc. Well, what are you going to do about it other than work 80 hours a week only being paid for 40? Unless you are a glutton for punishment.

Here it is the magic pill for you though, with the right tool and the right way to communicate you can change that and recruit in general by having a two-pronged approach to this if you can. Let me explain myself with my thinking. It is pretty simple whether you are with a big company or a small one I am going to show you how to lower cost with the most profits. Ready? OK, let’s go!

This approach is going to be broken down to boutique and then large companies with bigger budgets. So I am genuinely trying to cover the spectrum here since we all have budgets and cannot always afford things, or can we? Let us go then to the ideas.

Larger Companies

This is a no-brainer to me; there are some kids that are in college getting degrees in Human Resources and want an in once they finish the “education” they are paying exuberant fees for. They also after an internship many work part-time when they return to college. Yes, some kids take school seriously despite what Hollywood would make you believe. Why not bring them in and teach them how to source? It is a wonderful way to get kids into the world of HR, AND it sets them up for success since most companies want to experience before bringing on someone to the company on a full-time capacity.

Now you have someone who not only knows the inner workings of the company but can help even when they are back at school! This person is good old-fashioned cheap labor that may only make fifteen dollars an hour while interning and then working for you part-time while at school instead of flipping burgers or slinging drinks trying to balance their life and school work. You also get some loyalty here as they get to build friendships and bond with other co-workers. I have seen this work first hand by the way.

Smaller Firms

See above.

No, just kidding but not kidding. Major cities and small towns have all sorts of programs with people looking to stay in the workforce but only part-time and do not want to drive an Uber or Lyft. Frankly, I don’t either, Michael Notaro and I had one hell of a ride in #SourceCon Vegas, but that is yet another story! However, as they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

There is a plethora of people, older, mothers looking to reenter the workforce, women who escaped abusive partners, hell even kids at the local community college. If you are willing to train these people, they will come to you, and they will be loyal because, as long as you treat them well will thank you for the role that you gave them many of them will stay with you because you did take a chance on them too. Kindness goes a long way people. If you are doing supposedly doing two million in billing, you can afford a part-time person to come in and help, AND you get to give back to the community.

Currently, we are in a world that is doing pretty good, and unemployment is low. It is a buyer’s market as they say in the real-estate game. That means the employees with the skills you want are the ones with the power, not you right now. So every tool you can use should be, and that my lovely little cheeky monkeys are a #truestory.

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