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Mar 27, 2019

A not too long ago in an agency setting I once got axed in…

I left the cubical life for something different. Something different turned into ideas, and I started writing blogs.

One reflects, looks back and that was four years ago. I’ve been writing ever since, helping others get their first blog posted, and some people even say I’ve built a few things myself to help out. An open mind can lead thinking to another level.

The concept of Open Source, like GitHub in tech, is the continuous circle of teaching and learning collaboration of community and its members to innovate, find solutions, and uncover new perspectives. I attribute it all to the opensource mindset, which is the essence of conferences like SourceCon and Talent42. These conferences, in particular, are built around creativity, innovation, advanced concepts, and peer collaboration. The great euphonies you experience here have a catalyst effect on thought and strategy.

For me, the open source mindset has opened huge doors. A YouTube channel with a growing viewership, diving into the podcast realm aka Dueling Sourcers with a long time teacher, mentor (and now someone I call a friend), and the countless comments and lessons from the readers, viewers, and folks I meet IRL. There is no interface too daunting with a group like you guys giving us a boost or sparking ideas to help turn the gears.

The point is, if you have the change to be part of SourceCon tomorrow or in the future, do it! Save for it, check and interact on the groups and local chapters (and volunteer!), write blogs, or talk to your boss about ROI. Take it from a new blogger four years in, out of the cube, vlogging, podcasting, and talking tools all every day; it’s worth every minute.

If I never myself shared what I learned, the stuff would still be undiscovered and locked underneath a trap door, you guys and gals are the key. Thanks to you all for showing us the way, new ideas, and the different perspectives that drive the industry forward.

And now to Video

It’s already begun here at HMH; we are exploring video, pulling tools together to make our recruiting world much more interactive. You’ve seen some of my streams, podcast, vlogs, and video editing out there. Streaming is the next step. I’ve seen it work first hand, as a gamer and user and #SourcingLive is one thing that will happen one day.

Some of my favorite tools for interacting with job seekers and fellow sourcing types are as follows:

  • Lumen5 (immersive video creator)
  • Zoom (video recording including screen share)
  • Loom (video recording including screen share)
  • Screencastomatic
  • Anchor (podcast recorder/distributor)
  • YouTube (Video and Live-streams)
  • Facebook Live (live streams)
  • BombBomb (video messaging and remarkable built-in tracking)

This is more than a beard and a hat; it’s about all of us not holding back anymore, and rocking the purple squirrel like no other.

Thanks for reading, and keeping sourcing open source!


If you are ever interested in writing for SourceCon, send an email to


You can catch Greg this Fall at our 2019 conference in Atlanta, where he will be speaking on Tools and Stacks to Up Your Sourcing Game.