LinkedIn Allows Candidates to Apply for Jobs Via Mobile

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Aug 5, 2013
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An update from LinkedIn will make it easier for job candidates to use their LinkedIn profiles to apply for jobs. It’s explained more here. The upshot is that if you’re a LinkedIn Recruiter user, and you post a job, it should be easier for candidates to apply.

Those candidates can hit an “apply” button, make any updates to their profile after it’s called up, and then submit the application into Recruiter. It’s being launched today for English-speaking members.

Some other tiny tidbits in recent days:

  • Yes, in addition to those I’ve mentioned recently (as well as others who’ve written to say I should have included them), there’ve been even more employee-referral launches in recent weeks. Among them is Talentpools, a UK company for smaller businesses to handle referrals and communicate with candidates through the use of, yes, “talent pools.”
  • There’s a new way to make job ads from your iPhone (think Instagram for jobs), called InstaJob. It cost the company $10,000 to make and costs users $2.99, with the price rising this fall to $4.99.
This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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