LinkedIn in Chinese and Other Recruiting Technology Updates You Need to Know

Feb 27, 2014
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LinkedIn has about four million members in China already. But with the company saying the Chinese market “represents roughly one in five of the world’s knowledge workers,” it is now offering a LinkedIn beta in Chinese and not just English.

More news and new recruiting tech companies:

  • You may recall reading about the Workday move into the recruiting technology space back in 2012. This week, they moved further into the talent acquisition technology space with the acquisition of Identified, a startup who raised $22 million dollars with the mission of cleaning up “dirty data” on the web.
  • Skillmeter is a new online testing platform, bootstrapped out of Paris. The company believes that ”on average, recruiters who use Skillmeter decide on a candidate in half the time.” Companies can have their own personalized-looking testing center, and create custom tests.
  • Mighty Spring is a new company specializing in “passive candidates” who are software engineers; you view candidate summaries, called “Flares.” Mighty Spring is particularly targeting startups.
  • Smarterer, the big winner in last year’s Recruiting Innovation Summit, is out today with news. The Boston company has raised $1.6 million to develop something called Flock TeamSourcing, to do testing across an organization. It’s aimed at capturing the “unique DNA” of a team and then translate that into a skills test used from recruiting to learning to succession planning. Existing employees help write the test questions and then a subject-matter expert helps turn them into consumer-friendly multiple choice questions.

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This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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