LinkedIn Recruiter Accounts Are Still Using Lucene Search Architecture

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Nov 8, 2014

If you read SourceCon or other recruiting and sourcing blogs you probably remember that LinkedIn announced the implementation of the Galene search architecture last summer. Since that time, sourcing and recruiting practitioners around the web have been confused by the fact that search results differ so drastically between LinkedIn Recruiter accounts and LinkedIn personal accounts. This topic has spurred multiple discussions and debates on social media and bloggers like Glen Cathey and Irina Shamaeva have written about the issue.

This week, Irina Shamaeva – apparently tired of the debate – went straight to the source. Irina wrote a post earlier today about a meeting she had with members of the LinkedIn engineering team in which it was disclosed that LinkedIn basic searches are powered by the new Galene search architecture and searches performed within LinkedIn Recruiter are still powered by the previous (less sophisticated) Lucene search architecture. No, you’re not crazy!

To read more about why LinkedIn created Galene search see this post from LinkedIn’s Sriram Sankar.

What should talent acquisition professionals do? If you have LinkedIn Recruiter access, continue to use it. However, don’t forget to log in to your free account to conduct the same searches. Also, continue to search LinkedIn from outside search engines.

Great find Irina!

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