LinkedIn Updates Announced at ‘Talent Connect’ Focus on Mobile Users

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Oct 16, 2013
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The number of new LinkedIn features launched, one announced in Australia but many from its “Talent Connect” event in Las Vegas, is longer than a list of hangover cures for sale in Sin City.

A partial list of those announcements include the Talent brand indexsponsored jobscollege pagesa tool for events“jobs for you”LinkedIn Recruiter; and a talent pipeline tool.

LinkedIn is growing at about two members a second. About 30 percent of LinkedIn visits are coming from mobile devices, and it is those 30 percent who were the focal point of the company’s annual launches at its Talent Connect this morning in Las Vegas.

Those mobile users will now have an easier time getting connected with jobs when they use their smart phones. For one, when they view a person’s profile from a phone, they’ll now see jobs connected with that person’s company — something called “work with us.”

The second improvement is that LinkedIn is launching its “sponsored jobs” (that I mentioned above) on mobile phones. It’s going to work similar to how it does now on the full LinkedIn site.

The third thing LinkedIn launched today is a “mobile apply” feature.

(Years ago I called this concept the “holy grail.” I still think it is to a great extent. Jibe is a big player here, and I hear Mobolt is working on a big multi-language, multinational “apply” project, and that Oracle is working with a well-known multinational on building an “apply” feature.)

Anyhow, LinkedIn says it has a “quick, seamless apply process that’s optimized for mobile.” When a job seeker sees a job they like, they can click “apply” from their mobile phone, add their contact info, and apply.

Lastly, the fourth update is that LinkedIn is launching “Recruiter on Mobile,” a way for its “LinkedIn Recruiter” users to use the company’s system for managing candidates on their mobile phones. It’s free for paid “Recruiter” users, and is available now.

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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