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Jul 22, 2019

From the people who brought you Nymeria comes “The Reach” the newest contact finding tool on the scene.

The Reach is a tool that can find you contact info. First, let’s start with the Extention. The extension can be found in the Chrome store and was last updated in June. It works on Linkedin, Google, and other social sites. It can discover personnel and work emails that are automatically extracted from websites.

To use the extension, go to a profile. Click the icon in the ribbon, and The Reach box will open. Now it will appear that all you can do is find a work email as it pre-populates the name and work email domain. However, if you click on the Find button, it will try to find both personnel and work emails, and it will let you know if the email has been verified or not. If you move lower on The Reach window, you will see a running list of all the ones you have found for everyone you have sourced. You can email right from the tool, or copy the email or save it and the others to a list to download later.

Of course, it does have a website where you will see your running list and many other tools. To find a corporate email address, add the name and company domain, and the tool does the rest. There is an email verifier as well, that can let you know if the email has been verified.

Additionally, there is the Bulk task capability that will allow you to find and verify multiple email addresses at once. To find many email addresses at once for employees at an organization, upload a field that has at least the first and last name of your desired candidate(s) and the company domain or simply the company name. Once the list is uploaded, the lool will do the rest.

For bulk verification, you can upload multiple email addresses at once, and The Reach will quickly validate the emails for you.

An exceptional sourcing tool wouldn’t be complete without the capability to build a list, and The Reach does just that. To save a list of people, add them to a list from either the extension or the webpage. Then go to the list view and either export the list or import it.

When you export the list, you get more than just the email and name. You also get their company, social profiles, date, job title, and more. When I test this function on myself, the information provided included my name, company, title, location, country, LinkedIn address, employer, and date. The information available beyond this was a phone number, Github URL, Twitter URL, Website URL, and notes. This also gives us intel as to the other social sites this tool works.

The Reach has an API for those who like to play with them. The cost varies depending on the plan.

This tool is very new, but shows some potential, and has a chance to be a valuable part of our sourcing and recruiting process.

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