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Nov 20, 2012
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Looking to fill a high-paying position? Now you can search TheLadders and access the resumes of its fee-paying candidates at no charge.

A simple sign-up gives recruiters and hiring managers access to the career site’s millions of resumes, and permits them to post jobs and send alerts about those openings to targeted groups of job seekers.

It was in January 2011 that TheLadders made its posting service free to employers with jobs paying $100k or more. Called Passport, the free posting was a return to the company’s roots. When it launched in 2003, the service was free to recruiters to list their high-paying jobs; job seekers paid — and still do — a monthly fee to list their resume and access the jobs. In 2007, TheLadders started charging recruiters to post jobs.

Making the resume search also free to recruiters brings the company full-circle.

“High unemployment rates and the proliferation of mobile have dramatically changed the job-seeking landscape, which means that our sourcing techniques must shift as well,” said Alex Douzet, co-founder and COO of TheLadders.

There are few limitations to the Passport service. Jobs have to be individually posted by recruiters. But if you are an eQuest customer, a new partnership with TheLadders allows you to post an unlimited number of jobs.

In addition to allowing free access to the resumes, and enabling recruiters to send the targeted alerts, TheLadders also made its iPhone app, Recruitable available to Passport participants. The app automatically compares new jobs seeking members of TheLadders to open positions and sends a notice to the recruiter. Directly from the app, recruiters are able to connect with the candidate.

There are no current plans to release an Android version.

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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