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Aug 6, 2019
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

If you couldn’t imagine your life without your search operators and CSEs, this article is made for you.

When I started to get interested in sourcing, I very quickly understood that x-ray search would be my best friend, but also very promptly encountered some obstacles.

My main frustration when x-raying was that after a while, I couldn’t tell the difference between a link that I had visited already and a “fresh” unvisited one.

I thought that if I could “hide” the visited results (just like the LIR search filter), my life would be more comfortable. After asking Irina’s community on Facebook, I concluded that it wouldn’t be possible.

Both David Galley and Dean Da Costa advised using an extension called WhenX (thanks again guys!), which shows next to the title of the result the last time you visited the page.

Better, but still not wholly solving my issue, which was that after-hours looking through results, my brain needed something more obvious to make the difference.

After some research, I’ve discovered my now (almost) favorite practical extension for Chrome: Stylish.

Without extensions

With WhenX

With WhenX + Stylish

How to set Stylish up?

  1. Download the extension:
  2. Click on Create New Style
  3. Paste this into the “Code 1” section

A:visited { color: Orange! important }

  1. Change the color by replacing “Orange” (list available here)
  2. Give a name to your style and save it

Your page should look like this:

Tadaaaa 😉

This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.