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Dec 2, 2016
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

Research is an important component of any search, and it should always come first. Research includes titles, education, salaries, companies and so much more. Relink Labs has made it easy for you to research titles. All you do is enter a title and the automated tool will create a nice bubble breakdown of typical skills, other titles, Education, growth track, and more. Below I searched for Java Developer and received a lot of information.

java1 java2

As you can see, the breakdown is very extensive and gives you some great insight that can help you with your search. First, you get a bubble pattern of the skills most java developers have like XML, SQL etc.

Then you get previous positions. This is where you see the types of positions someone might have had prior to becoming a java developer, in other words, their career progression leading up to java developer.


Next, you get the typical positions they take after java developer or their career progression after their current role. You also get education background, what degree most java developers have or get.

Lastly, you get how long they stay in their current position. For a java developer, it’s one year and eight months.

java4 java5



Now, what does all this data do for you? Well if you are creating your string to search, you now have learned several other job titles worth searching for. You have learned what degrees to search for, and how many years in their current positions to search for, and there is a good chance they might be looking.

For example, and this is not all inclusive, using the information for java developer, a search string might be:

inurl:resume (java OR j2ee) (Developer OR Engineer) (“Computer Science” OR “Computer Engineering”)

This will get you thousands of results in a search engine. If you are on LinkedIn, you would simply put the same skills, same education in the appropriate fields, but also add length in current role for two years or more, according to the research from Relink Labs. By doing this, the candidates will be more likely to be searching for new opportunities.

As I stated, my search string was not all inclusive. There was information that the research provided us that I did not use, such as several other skills, titles, and education. If you were to add this information to your search string, you will get even more results.

Of course, you can take it one step further and search on the past and future titles that Relink Labs provides. For instance, if I search on one of the future job titles for a java developer, I once again get some interesting results and information. The important skills have been increased and I also learned of many new job titles by just searching another job title that was provided. Now, you have even more job titles that you can add to your search string and you can keep repeating this process. As I have said many times research comes first and this tool does a lot of it for you. Oh, and of course FREE!

This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.