Source LinkedIn Google+ and Twitter on a Mobile Device With New ‘Talent Xray’ App

Nov 21, 2013

CareerCloud has launched a new mobile application, Talent Xray, which helps recruiters and sourcers write basic boolean search strings for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. I caught up with CareerCloud founder, Chris Russell, to learn more about the app.

What is your background?

I love connecting job seekers and employers through technology. Over the last 14 years I’ve built lots of recruiting tools from job boards to jobcasts to mobile recruiting apps. I got my start in 1999 when i launched a small regional job board network in the Northeast called AllCountyJobs. Last year I sold that company and decided to start anew with CareerCloud. My friends in the industry call me the ‘Mad Scientist’ because I’m always experimenting!

Tell us about CareerCloud as a company and what your plans are for the future. 

We have a simple mission. To help both job seekers and recruiters leverage social media and mobile in order to find each other. So we’re building a variety of web based tools and mobile apps to do that. We’ve already launched several job search tools such as Social Resumes and Jobs With Friends. Now we’re turning our attention towards employers and recruiters. We have 3 apps for them already with a couple more in the pipeline. To help them make more efficient use of social platforms we have a product called Social Site which acts as sort of a ‘newsroom’ for a company’s social media accounts. Eventually we see ourselves as a utility type service that both job seekers and employers can use every day to save time and make their work more efficient.

What problem are you trying to solve with this new app?

Well there are very few mobile apps to help Sourcers and since many of them are into xray-ing sites like Linkedin we figured we could make app for that. Its not meant to do advanced queries just simple searches that you can save and share while on the go.

Who do you expect your customers and users to be at launch?

I think those recruiters and researchers who want to do Boolean search to source but don’t have the time to learn it right now would be a typical user of the app. But eventually, we’d like to augment it so that advanced Boolean experts can get some value out of it as well. 

Interesting Tidbit

It turns out the app is also a great way to view someone’s Linkedin profile without them knowing. Just search for their name instead of a keyword. Since its a web based view of the profile you wont show up on their radar.

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