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Jul 23, 2019

Each month, Greg Hawkes and Dean Da Costa discover new and unique ways to find candidates. This month, the two tackled different approaches to find graphic designers and creative candidates out on the interwebs. Greg wrote us a recap and included a link to their video podcast.


Dean started off talking about resumes and how looking for portfolios can help. Designers often have full portfolios, sometimes full websites showcasing their products and creations.

I talked about Behance and Instagram to start. Both are visual platforms one can use to see a person’s full body of work. I like Behance because of the look of the site and seeing all the creative works right there. Also, the fact one can directly message a prospect even if you don’t have an email or phone number.

Also, I’m not signed in to Behance in the screenshots, but I can tell this guy works on pro wrestling graphics and has a direct link to his website.

Instagram is similar in the sense you can see a person’s work and products, as well as a personal website. Why is a personal website a big deal? Most times, when you reach a personal website or portfolio, it leads you to direct contact information. I found several dietitians on Instagram back when I worked healthcare, and it made sense because the nutrition types Instagram their food.

People blog about the stuff they love, they make videos, they put their material where audiences can find them. For example, some artists stream on Twitch Creative, and independent musicians put their tunes up on Bandcamp. So when looking for creatives, we tapping into Dribble, Medium, Tumblr and other common blog sites can also find you the innovators.

We even talked about Slideshare and looking for presentations around design. Try site searching Slideshare sometime: graphic designer

And then we went into full nerd mode, Dean pulled out some Boolean and didn’t have to dive too deep to find big pipelines.

Now try a similar search in Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo, as different search engines yield different results.

The funny thing about this Podcast is that even when Dean and I go to similar places to find some of these folks, we go about searching these sites in different ways. It is always great to share insights with Dean because we both come out learning new techniques and perspectives of thinking.

Pretty cool stuff, huh? If you want to meet Dean and me in real life (IRL), we’ll both be speaking at SourceCon Atlanta in the Fall. We both will gladly talk tools and nerdy things, so don’t be shy and come say “hi” if in attendance.

There’s much more in the podcast, so check it out in its entirety for more tips and tricks!


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