The History of Google Helpouts and Why Recruiters Should Care

Oct 16, 2014
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My obsession with Google+ isn’t a secret. I host the #SourceCon Live Google+ Hangout ON AIR and I spend as much time on the network as I can.  I know, user adoption isn’t what Google had hoped, but I’m optimistic.

A Google product I haven’t written about in the past is Google Helpouts. Helpouts is a tool that connects people who need help with people who can help them, via video.

Why should talent acquisition professionals care?

First of all, Helpouts is a great place to share your expertise and meet others. There are a number of sourcers and recruiters who give resume advice to professionals and share social networking tips. Second, potential candidates are helping others by charging for their expertise. Are you looking for a javascript programmer? Take a look at these Helpouts, maybe one of the hosts is your candidate.

Have I piqued your interest? See the infographic below for more information about Helpouts.

DPFOC IG Helpouts


infographic source:

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