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Feb 2, 2018

David versus Goliath, we all know the story. The story of the underdog versus the bully. It happens everywhere, even in our industry.

In recent years, we have seen the creations of websites with massive amounts of candidate or member profiles (LinkedIn). We have also seen the advent of social websites that have significantly impacted our approach to interacting with candidates (Facebook and Twitter). These social/professional media sites provide fantastic information on talent. However, they don’t give every piece of information needed to determine if this person is an ideal candidate, let alone enough information to contact them. Because of this, we have seen a rise in people aggregators and email/contact finding tools and technology. Unfortunately, with the creation of these tools, also came the bullies. These bullies are larger websites, with deep pockets, and tools readily available to bully people out of business. Sometimes, they are successful with their harsh tactics, and sometimes they aren’t, and they turn their pent-up anger to their most valuable assets, the users. We’ve seen this happen with some of our most beloved tools,, Connectifier, and Rapportive.

Well know we have a new story. The story of a tool that got bullied, but instead of disappearing, they fought back, reworked their tool and returned bigger and badder than ever, and in keeping within the needed guidelines to be bully proof. Now we have the story of Nymeria.

Nymeria is a contact finding tool. It was one of the best and most used. However because of their initial success, it got put in the bullseye of the bully (we all know who it is), so they went away. But unlike others who went quite into the night, they chose to wail on against the bully and stage a comeback.

Fortunately for us, Nymeria has returned and has returned to its glory of finding contact information. Now it also allows you to build lists and export all of this to a CSV for upload to an ATS or CRM. Just go to their website and ask for access. Download the extension, and away you go.

When you are on a profile, if they have information a number, it will appear in the icon on the ribbon. You just click on the icon, and you will see all of the information that they’ve found. You will also see the ability to save to a list to download later. It works on Linkedin and Github, and more websites will be added soon. They will also provide multiple emails when available, as well as a phone number. Best of all, they have a great roadmap, with plans to continually add new capabilities. It has a new user interface which is more pleasing to the eye and works much much quicker than before and faster than most others like it. Also, they have increased the number of personal emails available and are adding more every day.

This is an excellent example of not giving into the bully. Nymeria gets it.

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