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Aug 25, 2017
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The Innovation Lab is quickly becoming one of our most popular tracks at SourceCon. It is the perfect place for sourcers interested in discovering the latest and most in-demand tech tools. Technology is a huge part of our vocation, and we have become obsessed with the latest and greatest tools on the market. The Innovation Lab is sure to bring out your inner tech nerd.

The Innovation Lab is a two-day track for sourcers to preview and demo diverse technology tools and systems to aid in the hunt to find, manage and develop talent. The Lab will run concurrent to the conference breakout sessions, offering a seventh track in our largest conference to date. This is your chance to get a sneak peek at commodities and companies that are changing our industry. It’s never too early to view our agenda and prepare to grab a front row seat to preview the hottest sourcing innovations on the market.

This year, 13 companies will join our Innovation Lab, including two companies (Paired Sourcing & SourceCon Academy) which are prepared to help you with your most challenging sourcing obstacles. Yes, we will be offering sourcing assistance in the SourceCon Innovation Lab! And who wouldn’t want to learn from the best?

Leading the SourceCon Innovation Lab are SourceCon legends, Marvin Smith and Pete Radloff. Take a look at the list of companies joining us at SourceCon.


GlossaryTech is a free online tool kit for tech recruiters and sourcers containing: GlossaryTech – an online glossary of tech terms with a built-in search option. CV Scanner – a tech resume analysis tool that finds technology terms listed on any resume classifies them and provides their easy-to-understand definitions. Bull Sessions with Tech Recruiters – recruiting hacks from global IT hunters. GlossaryTech for LinkedIn – a chrome extension (coming soon).

Thoughts on SourceCon: At SourceCon we’re hoping to announce our new CV Scanner feature, and of course to get as much feedback as possible.


HackerEarth helps world-class organizations hire top technical talent through an innovative and customizable solution, even if you have no technical knowledge. Reduce your candidate screening time by up to 94% with HackerEarth’s assessment platform, equipped with the largest library of custom and pre-built questions available. Receive a demo in Austin to learn how to build pipelines of pre-screened candidates with the top technical skills.


Hiretual is recruiter’s best friend. For recruiters and by recruiters, Hiretual is the fastest growing and the only complete sourcing solution powered by AI that doesn’t aim to replace you but to make your job easier. Easily find what cannot be found, get quick, accurate contact info at your fingertips, and refresh your old database with updated information. Hiretual is your sourcing process, 10X faster.

Thoughts on SourceCon: SourceCon is our home. We are here to learn from the leaders in our space and to contribute back not only by providing a great “tual” but also by educating the community about best practices in sourcing.


More people find jobs on Indeed than anywhere else. Indeed is the number one job site in the world and allows job seekers to search millions of jobs on the web or mobile in over 60 countries and 28 languages. More than 200 million people each month search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies on Indeed, and Indeed is the number one source of external hires for thousands of companies (sources: SilkRoad & iCIMS). For more information, visit


The annual assessment process is brutal, people at organizations big and small say so. Now, forward thinking companies are declaring ‘no more annual assessments’ because of their perceived time suck. iRevü is a mobile first, real-time performance feedback platform designed to get employees more feedback more frequently AND make the end of year grind way less painful for managers by automatically populating the assessment. With people forward functionality and a simple interface, iRevü is changing the way people do performance management.

Thoughts on SourceCon: iRevü’s founder, Michael Heller, has over 20 years in HR and remains close to the recruiting community – where he ‘grew up.’ Even though iRevü isn’t recruiting/sourcing tech it plays a big role in retention. We hope to educate SourceCon attendees on:

  1. What iRevü is, and how easy it is to adopt and use;
  2. How your organization can use iRevü as a selling point to potential candidates;
  3. How iRevü can assist your hiring managers as a retention tool.


Motzie is a mobile lead generation and communication engine for recruiters. It enables recruiters to easily locate, capture, qualify and connect with candidates on their mobile devices. Motzie includes a mobile programmatic media engine and a turnkey mobile SMS solution that lets recruiters generate and instantly communicate with candidates across multiple roles and hiring locations. Motzie’s mobile-first approach has been proven to increase conversion, lower cost per lead and improve time to hire for customers including Comcast, CVS Health, Whataburger, Regis, Stanley Black & Decker and many more.

Thoughts on SourceCon: Motzie is offering all Source Con participants a free mobile job slot so they can see experience the benefits of mobile firsthand with their own hiring role and brand. We hope to get people’s feedback and reaction to Motzie.

Paired Sourcing

Paired Sourcing has invented a new way to source talent. Over the past two years, we’ve sourced over 100,000 prospects for over 100 clients. Our primary service is a Sourcing Sprint. Lastly, we are the inventors of DISTOS the SourceOps Framework.

Thoughts on SourceCon: are excited for SourceCon for a couple of major reasons; 1.) being the ten year anniversary it will be a good representation of the best sourcing minds in our business AND 2.) Paired Sourcing is excited to share some of our best methodologies with fellow Sourcers.


Relink transforms the way people are matched to jobs. Our machine-learning-powered technology scores and matches applicants to jobs and jobs to applicants. Recruiters often face large volumes of candidates, jobs and other data— we build tools that augment the existing process and help recruiters make great decisions, faster.

Thoughts on SourceCon: As we see it, Sourcecon is a chance for us to meet folks who are passionate about technology in the HR space, and are eager to positively view it as a way to augment and elevate their already great capabilities. We’ve had a bit of coverage at the conference in past sessions, with our tool Goodwin. This time around, we’ve got something special in store: a new product reveal.

SourceCon Academy

SourceCon Academy is an online training course for recruiters and sourcers to learn proven, cutting-edge sourcing techniques that go beyond the usual tools as well as candidate messaging and engagement strategies that get results.

SourceCon Academy will be running preview videos of this popular online sourcing course and demoing its eLearning platform to show you how you can continue to develop and strengthen your sourcing capabilities, on your own or with your team.

Wade & Wendy

Wade & Wendy is an AI-Powered Recruitment Conversation Platform. We deploy automated conversations across the recruiting process to increase engagement, optimize workflows and inform decisions. Wendy is an AI recruiting chatbot that joins teams to expand their recruiting bandwidth. Her current capabilities include personalized qualifying conversations, profile enrichment, and intelligent filtering. Wendy learns from each engagement, to expand her capabilities over time, becoming a more valuable member of the recruiting organization.

Thoughts on SourceCon: We’re coming to SourceCon for two reasons: (1) To learn how we can improve our own hiring process and (2) To gather feedback and insights from the community so we can improve our product.


Workable is all-in-one recruiting software, trusted by over 6000 companies to streamline their hiring. Providing tools to manage multiple hiring pipelines, from job advertising and candidate sourcing through to structured interviews and evaluations. Trackable team communication, organized candidate profiles and a full reporting suite give companies the information they need to make the best hires.

Thoughts on SourceCon: SourceCon is a great opportunity for Workable to meet the best and brightest sourcers and recruiters in the industry. We’re looking forward to hearing about the highs and lows of recruiting life from top professionals and sharing the value of our seamless all-in-one recruiting system.

Data Miner

Data Miner is a chrome extension software that assists you in extracting data that you see in your browser and save it as an Excel spreadsheet file. Data Miner is a personal browser extension that helps you transom HTML data in your browser window into a clean table format. Your data is always secure and private, and it never leaves your local machine.


SeekOut is a new talent sourcing tool that helps you discover and reach passive candidates faster. Find relevant candidates across our database of over 100M US professionals using rich, faceted search. Once you’ve found potential candidates, we use our deep knowledge of candidate profiles to help you narrow down the list, find their personal email addresses, and export all their profile data so it can be integrated into your existing workflow.

Thoughts on SourceCon: We’re excited to launch at SourceCon this year and would love to show you what we’ve built and get feedback from the best sourcers in the industry! We’re offering instant access to our preview release for SourceCon attendees during the show, so make sure to stop by our table or booth and sign up for free.


The Fall SourceCon Innovation Lab will run from 1:00-2:00 PM and 3:00-5:00 PM on Tuesday, September 26th and again from 10:30 AM-12:30 PM on Wednesday, September 27th.


This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.
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