The Sourcer’s Playbook: Planet Google

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May 5, 2011

Google is slowly taking over the planet, one product at a time. Google can practically run your staffing department with its products, if you want it to. If you’re not already aware, Google is much more than just a search engine. Google offers many products that can help businesses of any size run key operations, and can specifically be used to aid in the entire recruiting process. Most of Google’s products can be used in a sourcing capacity, if you put your creative hat on that is. The following is a breakout of some of the most important ones Sourcers should use.

  • “More” Google. Have you explored the “more” section? There are over 40 incredible free products to use, with everything from web browsers, email, videos, maps, groups, instant message, alerts, blogs and more.
  • Google Reader. This tool is designed to keep track of all your favorite websites and blogs online. It sends “feeds” of all new articles, posts and content from each site you subscribe to by RSS. It can also do much more.
  • Gmail. Gmail is a free email client loaded with functionality. The “google” search function alone makes it worth using, even for secondary or back-up email purposes. Add-on GMail voice and video chat.
  • Google Base. Google Base is a community where Sourcers can post jobs and review online profiles all for free. [Google had changed this service to Merchant Center and will be shutting down Base in June 2011]
  • Google AdWords. Run a targeted campaign online to find active and passive talent in the marketplace using Google AdWords. This is a solution that can be surprisingly affordable and successful if done right.
  • Google Toolbar. Get the Google Toolbar for your web browser. This will help you easily access Google products that you use, stay organized and run searches in Google while on another site.
  • Google Desktop Search. Need help finding key documents buried in your PC? This tool indexes folders, files and documents inside your hard drives and makes it very easy to track down what you need quickly.
  • Google Chrome. Chrome is Google’s answer to the web browser. It is built for speed, safety and privacy.
  • Google Blog Search. This site specifically searches blogs. For more in-depth examples on how to use it to find talent, please visit “The Blogosphere” section in this book.
  • Google Custom Search. This product from Google allows you to create your own custom search engine, tailoring very specific results to match your needs. More advanced than the regular Google search.
  • iGoogle. Create a custom home page when on the web. This can act as a dashboard for Sourcers, complete with email, alerts and RSS feeds. A “one stop shop” for organizing your talent pool.
  • GOOG-411. Find and connect to businesses for free. Let Google do the searching over the phone for you and also by text. [Google shut this service down in November 2010]
  • Blogger. If you don’t already have a personal blog out on the web, now is a good time to start one. It’s free with Blogger, and it can help you brand yourself, your company and attract talent.
  • Google Groups. Join and actively participate in Google Groups to identify and at- tract active and passive talent. Starting your own group is free as well.
  • Orkut. Orkut is a free social networking site for keeping in touch with friends and for networking and finding new talent to recruit.
  • Google Docs. As a part of the free online “productivity suite” that Google offers, Google Docs gives you control over storing and sharing documents online. Great for working with remote teams.
  • Google Talk. Free instant message tool from Google. Another great tool to use for managing and working with remote and distributed teams.
  • Google SMS. Get Google search results while on the go. You can text and receive back search results from Google for addresses, directions, zip codes, products, local news and other Q&A.


Excerpted from The Sourcer’s Playbook by Geoff Peterson. Copyright 2009 by Geoff Peterson. Published by BookSurge Publishing. Used with permission All rights reserved.

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