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Mar 1, 2017
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

If you’re a sourcer, the number of tools available to you are just about limitless. From Chrome extensions to productivity and email management tools, your options can be overwhelming and understanding which sourcing tools are the best can be daunting for a new or even a seasoned sourcer.

If you’re a talent acquisition leader or recruiting manager, are you looking to speed up your candidate sourcing and recruiting process while improving your quality of hire? Do you know which tools are most productive to use for such results? If not, don’t worry, we have a list that’ll help jump-start your search for the perfect tool.

Recruiting & Sourcing Chrome Extensions

  1. Prophet gives you the power to uncover emails, phone numbers and other information you can find on the web about candidates with their Twitter or Facebook account. But what makes Prophet so great is that it goes one step further with its advanced email generation and verification technology to ensure that a candidate’s generated email is correct and deliverable.
  2. shows you a contact’s information from social networks as you browse them in your Gmail inbox. With the extension, you can also see any mutual Facebook friends and recent tweets on their LinkedIn profiles. On their Facebook profiles, you can see their work experience on LinkedIn as well as recent tweets and mutual connections. Who says Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can’t be friends?
  3. Evernote is perfect for recruiters and sourcers who do not have an ATS. It’s a tool you can use to pull LinkedIn profiles in as you interview candidates and take notes. Your notes are searchable with tags and keywords, and you can share and collaborate with your team on your notes. And with the Evernote Web Clipper extension, just one click and it can directly load a LinkedIn profile you’re viewing into your folder in Evernote, so you don’t have to do the time-consuming copying and pasting work anymore.

Content Curation & Sharing Tools

  1. Feedly is my favorite content aggregation and curation tool. You can use it to find, organize, read and share content that is relevant to your audience. I can’t stress how important it is for recruiters and sourcers to maintain a social media presence. A strong personal brand is a key differentiator that will separate you from other sourcers and recruiters, so you can successfully connect and hire the top candidates your company needs.
  2. Hootsuite is one of the best free social media management tool out there that you can use to schedule tweets, share content, monitor conversations, keywords or hashtags on social, and manage your updates on other social channels like Facebook and LinkedIn, all from one platform.
  3. Buffer is a social media management tool similar to Hootsuite’s Hootlet Chrome extension that allows you to schedule updates and add content to your queue as you’re browsing the web.

Productivity & Email Management Tools

  1. MixMax is a fantastic productivity and email management extension for those working in Gmail or Google Inbox. MixMax allows you to schedule emails and track who and when people have opened your message. Its one-click meeting scheduling feature is ideal for booking candidate interviews in just one email, so there’s no more back and forth messages or double bookings! There are other excellent features you can use like templates, document, and video embedding and so much more.
  2. allows you to create and embed your meeting booking page on a website to enable people to directly schedule time with you. The tool also automatically sends people a confirmation email when they make a reservation and creates an event for it on your Google calendar.

Image & Graphic Creation Tools

  1. Canva makes graphic design easy and quick for everyone. With a free account, you can everything from social media banners to posters and infographics, using your own or Canva’s collections of free templates and graphics.
  2. Wordswag lets you add text to photos on your phone in seconds, which you can use to promote your job postings and other recruiting or employer brand content on social when you’re on the go.


This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.