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Jan 8, 2018
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

There are a lot of different tools, tips, and tricks in the sourcing/recruiting industry. In this article, we’re going to take a more in-depth look at the top tools for 2018 to add to your sourcing toolbox. There are of course the favorites from previous years that we just can’t get rid of (I’m looking at you Hiretual!), and some that we wish would work the way we want them to (I’m looking at you LinkedIn). It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned professional or a beginner, these tools will help you make your life easier and lead to more placements.

Artificial intelligence is the hot new item that is a must-have in our toolbox. Who doesn’t like to make the sourcing process easier? Below you will see two lists; one is for Chrome extensions and another for actual platforms that incorporate some AI aspect to it. Some are tools from the past; however, if you’re not using them, I recommend checking them out. I have also included the hyperlink directly to each extension and platform, as well as, the fellow sourcing/recruiting influencers you should follow in 2018. Our industry is always changing, and these influencers are always there providing insight.


Google Chrome Extensions… Did I mention they have a free version?

  1. HIRETUAL – 10x faster talent sourcing | Hiretual is recruiter’s best friend. Technology built by recruiters for recruiters is assisting with Boolean building and providing 24/7 AI sourcing that makes your life easier.
    • This is a fan favorite and should be one of the first tools used no matter the year or skill set. Ninh, Steven, and Xinwen built a unique tool that keeps getting better and better. I rely on this tool to provide me with contact information, and it never seems to disappoint.
  2. Bananatag Email Tracking | Bananatag allows you to track and schedule emails, track files and create email templates right from within Gmail or Google Apps.
    • This is another favorite from the past that is a must in 2018! Thank you, Kerri Mills, 2015 grandmaster champion. This is perfect if you need to be sure a candidate gets an email or if you have been chasing down that purple squirrel and wanted to see when they open your email. I use the free version which is five emails daily you can track.
  3. Huntr: Job Search Tracker | Take control of your job search with Huntr. Save jobs from any website and view them anytime in your Huntr dashboard. Keep track of all your job applications in one place.
    • This tool allows you to keep a simple list of jobs you have applied to. This is a bit different as it won’t help you find your next candidate, but if you’re in the job market for 2018, this is a tool to use.
  4. Anymail finder | All of the web’s emails are finally one click away! Use Anymail finder to look up emails at any company quickly. Click on the toolbar icon to initiate a search, and get your results in seconds.
    • This tool will allow you to generate emails for companies based on the company domain and the first and last name of the contact. This will also verify the email, so you know the email will not bounce. If the email address is not verified, you don’t lose a credit.
  5. Snovio | Find emails on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or any website you visit. Snovio works as an email finder, and it has its own email verifier which checks each email it gives you; it also works as a standalone email verifier making your email list bounce free.
    • This tool will auto-populate a domain for a company based on First name and Last name. It will also allow you to verify that email directly in the tool. Once you get a list, you can save the list, organize it as needed, and even copy/paste into your email for quick contact. This will also verify emails so you know they won’t bounce!
  6. GlossaryTech for LinkedIn | GlossaryTech for LinkedIn is your tech recruiting and sourcing assistant. Once installed the extension in your browser, you can always use GlossaryTech when sourcing on LinkedIn, as well as on GitHub and StackOverflow.
    • This tool is AWESOME! It is a must-have for those sourcers and recruiters who are working those very niche jobs. This will make you a professional of tech terms in NO TIME. The tool highlights on LinkedIn and will show you a brief overview of technical terms so no more copy and pasting into Google to find out what that a technology does. The incredible Dean Da Costa can be thanked for bringing this tool to light.
  7. Temporary Bookmarks | This extension behaves precisely like Chrome’s default bookmark except each bookmark has a lifespan (ranging from 1 to 365 days). After the lifespan has passed, it automatically deletes itself.
    • This tool Is a lifesaver for when you work a one-off type of role, allowing you to save web pages but not have to go back and delete them after. You can automatically select the lifespan of the bookmark and not have to go through the hassle of deleting.
  8. Grammarly| Grammarly will make sure your messages, documents, and social media posts are clear, mistake-free, and impactful.
    • I have been using Grammarly for some time. This tool makes writing that perfect email and job description SO MUCH EASIER! This does have a free version, but you get a lot of added features with the paid version. This is an oldie but a goody.
  9. Search Preview | Search Preview allows you to view web pages through their URL before clicking them. Quickly and easily see pages without the hassle of clicking on the link only to hit the back button.
    • Time is money in staffing, and this allows you to save a lot of time by viewing the page without clicking the link and backing out of the page. This will let you to see the full page and not just a snip it of the actual page; You can scroll through the preview as well. This is an excellent tool to pair with your X-Ray searches of various sites.

With the following platforms, they all have their niche that makes them a bit different than one another. A common thread is that the majority of them do integrate with your current ATS.

  1. MYA | Mya automates the process from resume to hire so you can cultivate and engage the best candidates.
  2. HireVue | HireVue is transforming the way companies discover, hire and develop talent with Video Intelligence.
  3. Scout Talent | Tailored people solutions for internal recruitment teams. Accelerate and streamline your recruitment processes to see people first.
  4. ROIKOI | ROIKOI surfaces candidates who are diverse and pre-screened for talent, fit, and likelihood to join a company. ROIKOI customers make one hire by contacting just 25 passive candidates in the platform, save $10K per hire, and most notably, improve employee diversity.
  5. Baloonr | Start a Baloonr thread for a question, a topic, a project, or anything. Invite any group of any size to participate. That invited group goes through an anonymous, bias-free process that is ridiculously efficient.
  6. Blendoor | Blendoor is hiring technology that reduces unconscious bias by hiding data that’s not relevant and highlighting data that is.
  7. GapJumpers | Use performance audition challenges to evaluate talent on their work performance rather than keywords on a resume. Avoid discarding desirable talent that does not fit pre-conceived notions of what talent looks like and where it comes from. Diversify your workforce for skills so that gender, education, and background don’t matter.
  8. INHERSIGHT | At InHerSight, their mission is to improve the workplace for women by measuring it. They bring women’s insights together into a common framework to show what’s working and what’s not at companies, and to help more women find their ideal workplace.
  9. Restless Bandit | The world’s most intelligent recruiting platform Automatically find, connect with, and retarget the most qualified candidates so that you can focus on hiring
  10. | Indexed information platform about millions of engineers and gives you the tools to browse and filter the data to find the perfect hire.
  11. Arya | Arya identifies what makes a high-quality candidate through machine learning, big data, and behavioral pattern recognition. Arya reaches out to these candidates through a personalized message to gauge their interest level. Arya automatically brings the qualified, interested talent directly into your candidate pipeline.

Tools and platforms are changing as quickly as our industry is, there is a love-hate relationship with them, but they’re there to make our lives easier and allow us to streamline our processes. Please let me know some of the tools you will include in your toolbox for 2018.

This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.