TheLadders Is No Longer a $100k-only Website

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Sep 20, 2011
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Yesterday, Marc Cenedella said farewell to the $100,000-job niche he launched in 2003. From now on, TheLadders will offer professional jobs at all salary levels.

It’s not clear whether The Ladders will now include entry-level positions. Cenedella, a co-founder and CEO, doesn’t say in his blog or his emailed newsletter whether there will be a salary floor. But two months ago, when Ladders President Alex Douzet, Cenedlla’s co-founder, announced the change, he said there would be a $40k salary floor.

In any case, Cenedella said the system will still match subscribers (TheLadders is a fee-based program for job seekers) to jobs in their field and within a step or so of their current pay range. Nor will the curated nature of the program change. “We’ll still be vetting every job and every recruiter before we allow them into our community,” Cenedella wrote.

For current users of TheLadders and its verticals, there won’t be much obvious difference, he said. “Behind the scenes, though, by making it easier for companies and recruiters to fill all of their professional jobs at TheLadders, you’ll find that we’re getting more, and an even wider variety of, jobs at the right level for you,” he wrote.

Notwithstanding his assurances, dozens of users of the site have posted comments criticizing the decision to open it up. Typical is this comment: “The new jobs presented entirely miss the mark. Previous jobs presented were well targeted, and new ones are not even close. This has to change or it is hard to justify paying the fee.”

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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