MORE Tips To Enjoy A Great Conference: #SourceCon 2017 Comes Back To Anaheim

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Mar 10, 2017
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

It is truly amazing to think it was just six short months ago that I found myself at my second SourceCon. It is great to come back again, and I suppose now being a “veteran” of sorts, I can pass on some tips and thoughts about making the most of the premier sourcing/talent acquisition conference. SourceCon is all about collaboration, cooperation, and discovery. It’s about pioneering new ways forward, innovation, discovering a new way to find outstanding professionals for your company, and learn from the best and brightest minds our industry has to offer. I’ll admit finding the elusive purple squirrel was much easier after I returned last time (might add I picked up a literal purple squirrel while helping a great cause), and I am excited, no, THRILLED to be coming back. One tip, if you think you want to share with the community of SourceCon and have ideas you can put into writing, you should approach the SourceCon editors and submit some of your ideas. This can lead to a Free Conference Pass, and that is a VERY valuable thing as I have learned.

What follows are some ideas for getting the most out of SourceCon and finding some great insights along the way. Don’t worry if you can’t attend each session as an attendee you will gain access to the presentations at a later time. Let’s just say there is so much opportunity at the SourceCon Conference that you will be drawn to amazing topics, featured speakers, vendors, tips, and so much more! It is beyond words to describe the experience and let’s just say the organizers of the conference do a tremendous job of bringing in diverse viewpoints to solve any myriad of sourcing/recruiting mysteries.





The featured speakers are willing to share tips, are approachable, and love to share. The networking reception is a must. Roundtables (one of my favorite sessions), will be led by incredible and talented individuals. You sit a roundtable setting, which happens to fall on Pi-Day (March 14), where you can share ideas, gain insights, talk about tools, discover a new approach, build new friendships, and so much more on common sourcing topics.

This upcoming SourceCon will feature new tracks arranged by skill level, not by subject. We have divided each skill level into three categories: Purple Squirrel, George Boole, and Anonymous. This will highly benefit the novice sourcer and skilled sourcer alike. The keynotes will hone in on a new hot topic in recruiting/sourcing/staffing the effect of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and technology on the future of our profession. And don’t worry WE DO CONTROL THE ROBOTS!!



Think game show meets sourcing challenge, and then compete to put your sourcing skills to the test! This event is run by Mark Tortorici, with substantial help from sourcing gurus Jim Schnyder, Steve Levy, Dean Da Costa, and Jan Tegze. This event is fun, tough, and will challenge your sourcing prowess. Give it some thought, get creative and then take the tips you will learn while seeing other sourcers and recruiters show their search muscle to find the strong candidates. Creativity, thoughtfulness and a competitive spirit could earn you a special reward. It is one of the best SourceCon traditions.



The innovation lab will feature exciting new sourcing tools, presentations from vendors, and a discovery session of the latest technologies. What I did last time was attend part of a presentation and then would go check out the innovation lab part way through when I saw a topic that interested me. I found some new sourcing technology tools that helped me hone in some key hires as a result of the innovation lab. Companies like, AmazingHiringAevy, Brilent, CareerBuilder, Clinch, Data Miner, Dice, Shane McCusker’s Facebook Search Tool, RestlessBandit, Workable, and more will be waiting and willing to help you find candidates. You can also catch sourcing legends, Ronnie Bratcher, Dean Da Costa, and our special guest Marvin Smith in the innovation lab to help guide you through the lab.



Various vendors will be onsite, be sure to visit them all. The reason for this is to gain insight and see new options you may not have encountered, many will have free gifts, and you may win raffle prizes. Aside from being fun, it is quite invigorating to speak to entrepreneurs who have a passion for our industry.  Make sure to get to know them and take some time to understand their products. One contact could open the door to a new tool you never imagined could deliver incredible talent. Not to mention you will be invited to future webinars, and other free talent acquisition training sessions/blogs, etc. that could prove valuable. Rumor has it that SourceCon will be making a special announcement on the morning of March 15.



One of my most favorite activities is talking with presenters after their presentations. Find them during the networking events, give them kudos after they speak. On TwitterLinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat (@SourceCon) give them likes, tweets, snaps, and virtual high fives. This will expand your social footprint, and add followers to your networking channels. And you will find new ways of approaching your craft. Use hashtag #SourceCon to search for content, and you will find a new depth of engagement.



At SourceCon don’t be shy. Get to know your peers, enjoy the connection and reconnect with the “WHY” of our talent acquisition profession. Your conference will be a memorable experience. SourceCon 2017 is coming back to Anaheim, and I know I’m ready to have some fun. Make sure you see some of the attractions in and around Anaheim also. Part of the experience is enjoying being a tourist to some extent. By engaging your peers, you will join a unique community where learning is just one part of the experience. Hope to see you there!

This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.