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Sep 18, 2019

We all know the usual suspects: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Is that it? Are those the only options?

Let’s try these unusual search engines for sourcing.

Wolfram Alpha

As shown on the footer of the home page. A submitted query goes through natural language understanding, pulls results from curated data and knowledge, and runs through a dynamic algorithmic computation; resulting in a computed visual presentation.

Didn’t get it? Let’s try an example.

Enter the query: python engineer.

The result has these sections:

Input interpretation:

  • computer software engineers
  • people employed
  • United States


  • computer software applications engineers
  • People employed: 495,500
  • Mean wage: $90170 per year

Other sections have this data:

  • Related occupations
  • Standard occupational classification SOC code

Let’s try another query. Start typing this: number of. It shows these suggestions:

  • number of English speakers
  • number of hours in 7 weeks
  • number of partitions of 1250
  • number of homes in Denver
  • number of galaxies

Try the query: number of accountants in Chicago:

  • Input interpretation: accountants and auditorspeople employedChicago-Naperville-Joliet
  • 32880 people
  • Yearly change: -13%
  • Median wage: $64560

I had a hard time coming up with natural queries. The website has a page with examples. You can select a topic and get some ideas of queries that you can submit.


With this search engine, you can search in two languages at the same time. Why would you need this? I thought about it too.

I set the options to search pages written in English and Spanish.

Then I used the query: hadoop engineer.

It shows two columns of results. English on the left. Spanish on the right.

A lot of interesting results on the right:

  • ‘Big Data, lo que todo ingeniero deberia saber’:
  • ‘Trabajo ingeniero hadoop’:
  • ‘Ofertas de empleo Hadoop en Barcelona’:
  • ‘ingeniero hadoop hive spark python’:

In one of these results, I found a long list of users.


A search engine to crawl the deep web. Information not crawled by your typical search engine:

  • academic information
  • scientific reports
  • social media
  • other resources not crawled by Google or Bing.

Let’s try this query: hedge fund manager

The results page has a variety of filters:

  • Topics
  • Author
  • Publications
  • Source
  • Dates
  • Document format

I clicked on the ‘Authors’ dropdown. It shows at least 100 authors. I selected one of these, and it showed my two results. One of them said IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Payments 2017 Predictions. I went to this result, and it opened a page describing an abstract from multiple authors. Some of their titles: Research Director Worldwide BlockchainResearch Director Consumer BankingAssociate VP Financial Insights.

Back on the full list of results. I filtered by, 2019, by Document type: Blog. The results now show only from Forbes. However, each result description contains a lot of information about hedge funds and managers.

It looks like Google and Bing aren’t the only options. Perhaps you can try something new.

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