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Jan 29, 2019

Instincts, gut feelings, hunches, premonitions, all of these words point to a deep capacity that we all carry inside known as intuition.

The word intuition suggests “to contemplate” or “to look within.” Without learning how to look and listen to our intuition, we tend to rely solely on the limited rational mind or external input from others, which can easily lead us astray.

In a Forbes article I read, many scientists and researchers are now referring to intuition as the highest form of intelligence we possess. In other words, intuition is no longer the “new age world” or my favorite “a magical thought.” It is increasingly being seen as a legitimate way to make judgments and decisions.

I believe intuition is our “soul’s GPS” which can help us discover our life purpose, make wise decisions, and lead fulfilling lives and avoid hurt, mistakes and forever pain.

How Do We Distinguish Fearful Thoughts From Our Intuition?

In our industry, it’s ubiquitous for sourcers/recruiters to confuse the voice of intuition with the voice of fear, lord knows I find myself continually battling this. However, for us to make the most intelligent, successful, wise, loving, and meaningful decisions in our lives, we need to learn how to make a clear distinction between the two. If I can do it, trust me so can you.

I want to place myself in this vulnerable position in hopes someone can relate and know they aren’t alone. So, as a person who has an extreme “inner skeptic,” it has been challenging for me to loosen my rational brain in favor of my intuition. As a thinker, my inner voice has always been quite active and persistent. I’m sure you have struggled with this to some extent too.

How Do We Use Intuition to Make Meaningful Life and Work Decisions?

Intuition means precisely what it sounds like, in-tuition. I have a book recommendation for you all who want to learn more on how to understand and welcome your intuition. The book is called “Trust Your Intuition” by – Sylvia Clare.

I believe that intuition is an essential life and professional skill that we must all learn to refine and develop, preferably sooner rather than later. Without intuition, we get stranded in mazes of rigid, agitated or obsessive thoughts that limit our capacity to see clearly and be the best in our profession. The less clear we can see, the more likely we will make bad decisions, and no one can teach you to “go with your gut” only you can.

When we listen to our intuition, we experience clarity or empowerment that helps us to make the most realistic choices for our lives. Below I will share with you how I use my intuition to make important life/professional decisions.

Silence Your Mind

Silence your mind, oh my gosh, this one is and still is my hardest one. Often my mind tends to hijack my decisions in making processes. While it is essential that we use rational thought, our usual thinking is often subject to prejudice, past beliefs, external influences (“work pressure”), and my worst enemy: fear. To access our intuition, you need to clear your mind of thought. In order to clear your mind, I recommend that you meditate, no lie, and admittedly, I had my doubts, however my wife shared this amazing FREE app called: Insight Timer, it provides six types of “timed” meditations anywhere between five minutes up to one hour or more of music, led meditations and mindful breathing. It is challenging to listen to my intuition when I am in a stressed-out state of mind.

I challenge you to try this app for a week — one meditation when you wake up and one meditation when you go to bed. I have discovered, once I put this practice into play, I found myself a little calmer and more centered and felt I had connected with my inherent power. Pretty frickin’ cool right?

Focus on how your mind and body is changing. It will most likely feel nothing, but it will start to change positively. Allow you to acknowledge how powerful you are. Of course, I believe that we can never be deceived by our body because our bodies can never lie. It has been our shield since birth. No matter what elaborate stories or theories we tell ourselves, our body will always reveal the truth. Again, I know right? Pretty frickin’ cool!

How Do We Start to Connect With Our Intuition?

When I started, I began to pay more attention and listen to my mind/body. I began to think about the decisions I have to make and focusing on my body’s response. For example, if you want to quit your job, you might notice a sensation of fear flood your entire body. Alternatively, if you are thinking of applying for a higher role then you’re in, you might feel butterflies in your stomach, or a smile comes across your face knowing you are a great fit. These are just some samples, by using mindful body awareness, you will be able to connect more freely with your intuition.

Consider whether fear is fuelling you. Fear has a sneaky way of disguising as intuition, and it honestly is one on my worse enemies. When we are fearful, we tend to make bad decisions. When you are faced with an important choice, try journaling all of your fears surrounding the situation for a week. Make it a daily entry and make sure your concerns are visible. This will help you to determine whether the voice within you is driven by fear or clear knowing.

Visualize each choice as vividly as you can, then pay attention to how each option feels. Whichever option feels the most “right” is the choice you need to go for.

Are You Putting a Lot of Pressure on Yourself?

Trust me; I do this to myself ALL the time. Pressure to make a “quick decision” tends to inhibit the flow of our intuition. While intuition can work under difficult circumstances if you have the option to slow down, why not select that option. Just because you aren’t obsessing over something doesn’t mean the thought isn’t swirling in your subconscious mind. Sometimes putting decision making on the “back burner” helps you to adopt new perspectives, and open more easily to the presence of your intuitive inner-self.

Ask for guidance. When I struggle to access my intuition, I use affirmations, prayers, inspirational quotes, even spiritual mentors. Regardless of how you ask, if you are struggling with accessing your intuition, seek and ask.

I am continually working on becoming a better human; it starts with me. Listen to your intuition; it will never let you down.

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