Trish Wyderka

Trish Wyderka

Trish is a Research Associate (Sourcer) for Fidelis Companies specializing in executive search and contingency staffing for the semiconductor engineering, biopharmaceutical, ERP and EMR industries. She grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and currently resides in the Dallas, Texas area. She currently holds an associates degree in Culinary Arts with certifications in baking. Additionally, she is pursuing degrees in Computer Systems Database Development and Business Administration. Prior to joining Fidelis Companies in 2011 Trish spent eight (8) years in the Air Force, serving state-side and international, and has prior experience in the aviation, mortgage and medical practice management industries. During her free time Trish is an independent resume writer/career counselor and enjoys watching movies with her two cats, Paprika Jane and Patches McGee.

Sourcing Like a Detective

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Resourcing Sources For The Modern Sourcer

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