Katrina Collier

Katrina Collier

Since 2009, Katrina Collier has been showing SMEs to blue chips around the globe how to source their staff on social media. With knowledge gained from over a decade of in-house and third party recruitment and over 9 years of social recruiting experience, she understands the pressures Recruiters face attracting the best talent. 

She is a social recruiting specialist, a hands-on trainer and speaker, sharing proven tips and techniques that are always outside of the main stream. As an independent consultant, Katrina cuts through the noise of marketers who say their solution is best, to give you advice that eases the pain of your recruitment and is easy to implement.

Katrina is one of The 100 Most Influential People in HR & Recruiting on Twitter and her social recruiting opinion is quoted in HRReview, SHRM, The Staffing Stream, and Cambridge University’s Strategies for Success. She writes on her own blog and for many publications, including The Muse and Blogging4Jobs, and she is a global HR & Recruitment conference speaker, recently keynoting at SOSU Sourcing Summit’s in Sydney & Auckland and she wrote and delivers the social media recruitment training for the CIPD, the UK’s professional body for HR and people development

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