Best of 2013 #12: How to Source on Stackoverflow

Editor’s note: Between now and the new year we will be counting down the top 20 SourceCon posts of 2013. While not written in 2012, this post is the 12th most popular post of 2013 based on page views.

StackOverflow is neither encyclopedia, forum, nor blog, but rather a combination of all three that  is specifically designed for programmers and developers. It’s a community for programmers to answer and ask programming related questions, a place where developers can vote on most useful answers, and an encyclopedic resource for thousands of techies to troubleshoot their problems. The site is completely built upon user contributions and currently boasts 1.2 million users, 6.6 million answers, and 13 million comments.

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Pete Kazanjy is the founder of TalentBin, what might just be the world's coolest talent search engine. Nothing gets him more excited than thinking about how to help recruiters and sourcers make use of all the wonderful professional breadcrumbs candidates trail across the web nowadays. He's got a thing for purple squirrel hunting, and you can follow him at @kazanjy and TalentBin's team at @talentbinhiring