Sourcers, You Can Make a Difference! Today is the LAST Day to Complete the State of Sourci...

It’s become a yearly tradition for us at SourceCon to conduct a survey of talent acquisition professionals to get a clear picture of the current “State of Sourcing.” With that in mind, it’s time to launch the 2017 survey.

Click here to complete the State of Sourcing Survey

What will we learn from the survey?

  • What tools are people using?
  • How are sourcers maximizing their time?
  • How are organizations structuring their sourcing teams?
  • How managers are structuring their sourcing budgets?
  • How are sourcers and recruiters compensated?
  • How are sourcers and recruiters measured at different organizations?

Who should take the survey?

Anyone who sources candidates or leads a talent acquisition team should participate in the survey.

How long will it take?

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The questions are different depending on the job title you select. Leaders should plan on spending no more than 5-10 minutes. Sourcers and recruiters should be able to complete the survey in less than 15 minutes.

Will I have access to the information?

We will share the information we gather with the entire sourcing community after we have time to crunch the numbers. The results will be discussed live at SourceCon, September 26, 2017, in Austin, Texas with your current and formers SourceCon editors, and then shared on the website for our beloved community.

Shannon Pritchett is the editor of SourceCon. As a lifelong student in the recruitment industry, Shannon is passionate about improving it. Shannon has a diverse background in training, sourcing, international recruitment, full desk recruiting, coaching, and journalism. Shannon got her start in the recruitment industry at Vanderbilt University and later worked as a Senior Recruiter for Internal Data Resources and Community Health Systems, Social Media Recruitment Ambassador for T-Mobile USA, Director of Recruiting for Moxy, Trainer with AIRS, and last as a Manager of Global Sourcing and Training for ManpowerGroup Solutions RPO.