The 2013 SourceCon Challenge is Live!

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Aug 29, 2013

The SourceCon Challenge is now open! Visit this link to see the first clues and get started.

This years SourceCon challenge was created by Julia Stone and Lisa Offutt. Both are past winners of SourceCon challenges. During the challenge, be sure to use the hashtag #challengeSEA on Twitter and Google+ for discussions. Please refrain from contacting the challenge creators directly as they are sworn to secrecy and will not share any details!

The Basics About the Fall 2013 SourceCon Challenge

  • Participation in the pre-conference challenge is open to anyone who is not helping create the challenge. All past winners are eligible to compete.
  • The pre-conference challenge will consist of a series of challenges that will be completed and tracked online.
  • All participants who successfully complete the pre-conference challenge will be eligible to compete in the onsite challenge during SourceCon After Dark in Seattle (participants will be responsible for all expenses which would include a conference pass and travel/lodging). Participants who complete the online challenge successfully, but are not able to attend the conference, will be recognized on the SourceCon blog.
  • The winner of the onsite challenge will be named the 2013 Sourcing Grand Master.

The Prize

  • The winner of the onsite challenge will receive a laptop of your choice (up to a $1400 value)
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