John Childs

John Childs is a Boolean Recruiting Trainer / Consultant that is available for Boolean seminars, classes, and hands-on workshops. Previously he was a Sourcing Specialist with Research In Motion / BlackBerry. He received his Bachelor and Masters Degrees in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University. During his Masters program he was required to take a class in Boolean Logic. For the last fifteen years he has proven this Boolean skill to be a very powerful tool in recruiting where both speed and accuracy are at a premium. His recruiting has encompassed a wide variety of positions that have included those associated with industries such as semiconductors, telecom, software, hardware, IT, microprocessors, defense, and wireless. He published a Boolean Tutorial about ten years ago which, although quite dated, still offers some good tips on the basics. You can view it a or Shally Steckerl has a much better formatted version on his Arbita site at The ideas and opinions expressed in this article are those of John Childs and not his employer.
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