Kate-Madonna Hindes

Kate-Madonna Hindes is the Recruiting and Marketing Director for Brigham Group Staffing in Minneapolis, MN. Additionally, she is an industry leader and national author and speaker on emotional integrity and authenticity in today’s online media. Her columns are regularly published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Brazen Careerist and JobDig. With 15+ years of combined published experience for news media, state government, and Fortune 500 businesses, she regularly covers national Social Media and Technology events, including CES 2011. Notably, she sits on the coaching panel for Keith Ferrazzi’s Relationship Academy, alongside Chris Brogan and Tony Hsieh. Her speaking credits include bookings at the Keith Ferrazzi’s Relationship Academy, 2010 WordcampMSP, 2010 ReBarCamp, MCAD, Social Media Breakfast in Imation Headquarters, 2009 Cervical Cancer Conference and recent onair appearances with WCCO and International Radio Station, CJOB.
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